Super Specials

Great news, In store now we have the Nutri Blast 15 pieces / stainless steel Nutri Blender. 700W 24000 RPM.
What a great Christmas gift idea, just add some greens, nuts, grains, a piece of fruit and some water or juice and wallah you’ve got a super healthy and nutritious start to the day!

Christmas Cheer

Stress at this time of the year can creep up on us as we deal with the added costs of Christmas shopping, parties and family holidays or visitors. Never easy! Here are a few suggestions to help you cope, make a list of shopping and stick to it as much as possible, get plenty of sleep where you can, and keep well hydrated with water. Sometimes we just need to take some time out for ourselves and don’t forget to laugh! After all it is the silly season 🙂
In Store at Bundaberg Health Foods you will find some great products that may assist if you are feeling over whelmed and need some help, such as the Bach Rescue Remedies or the Australian Bush Flower Remedies.

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