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Naturopath Services Bundaberg

We simply wouldn't stock a product if we thought it didn't have a viable place on any naturalist's shelf. We're confident of the benefits of naturopathy and encourage newcomers to experience the calming and relaxing nature of our store.

Whether you're a health focussed individual, or simply seeking a more natural lifestyle - Bundaberg Health Foods has the naturopath services you need to start achieving your goals and centring your focus.

Naturopathic Philosophy

The art of prevention and cure of disease by applying methods which facilitate the body’s own inherent healing capacity. Using means and remedies that can act in a natural way on the body (such as supplements). Then in most cases the body can repair itself.

Naturopathy is a type of treatment that helps encourage the body’s natural defences to work more effectively:

  • Naturopaths practice a holistic approach that uses non-invasive treatment to help alleviate your symptoms.
  • Naturopath treatments, as the name suggests, uses ingredients that can only be naturally found and therefore the chance of your body rejecting the treatment is low.

Massage – The Art of Touching

Is perhaps the oldest and simplest of all healing. It’s a two way flow of touch, response and exchange of energy. Massage can be stimulating or soothing. It can make you feel alert, relaxed, relieve tension, soothe headaches and aching muscles. Other benefits of a professional massage include, improved muscle tone, elimination of toxins for example built up lactic acid and improved circulation.

Diane Ackerman

Consultation Available

Our in-store Bundaberg naturopath Linda Tindale, is available for consultation so send us an enquiry or call (07) 4151 5187 for a booking.