13 Healthy Habits To Create Now

13 Healthy Habits To Create Now

When you decide to stick to a diet, it’s simple. You follow rules. You have a list of things you are allowed to eat – and a list you are not. It’s unambiguous. There are no blurred lines and there’s certainly no room for confusion. And with all the mixed messages and confusion around healthy eating, you might find a black-and-white approach incredibly calming.

In fact, I’ve been there myself. The truth is, most of us have.

The problem is that dieting doesn’t actually work. Well, not in the long term, anyway. And whatever your ‘meal plan’ might be – whether it’s cutting out an entire food group or #cleaneating – it’s luring you into the trap of a diet. Why? Because there are rules, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods and then there’s the very real potential for ‘failure’.

And, there are many diets out that that claim not to be diets. This is to trick you.

Ultimately, in my opinion, diets don’t work.

So instead of jumping on yet another eating fad – that will fail you (again) – why not adopt one or some of these 13 incredibly simple, yet easy to adopt lifestyle habits.

13 Healthy Habits Worth Integrating Into Your Daily Life

  1. Aim to get 10,000 steps each day. Download an app or get a fitness tracker.
  2. Cook at home one additional night each week. Schedule it in your diary.
  3. When you make vegetables, make twice as much for a healthy lunch the next day.
  4. When eating a meal, start with your vegetables first.
  5. Buy a large reusable water bottle and keep it on your desk or in your bag.
  6. Halve the amount of sugar in your coffee or tea (or eliminate completely if you can).
  7. Aim to eat at least two pieces of fruit every day. No fruit is off-limits!
  8. Eat when you are hungry – not by the clock.
  9. Before bed, think of three things to be grateful for. (Yes, this is a healthy habit, too and has shown to increase mental health!)
  10. Sign up for enjoyable exercise – whether that’s yoga, dancing or a team sport. Do you enjoy cardio? Great! Move because it makes your you feel good, not just to lose weight. (Check out these 5 ways yoga will improve your life)
  11. Embrace a meat-free meal once a week (like meat-free Monday for example).
  12. Reduce aimless social media or email checking by deleting apps off your phone that don’t serve you anymore.
  13. Stop weighing yourself. Focus on how you feel instead.


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